The Gift of Sight Opens a World of Opportunities​
Donations to Eye Corps support sustainable eye care delivery impacting thousands of lives in sub-Saharan Africa. Give a one-time gift or make your gift through a monthly recurring donation.
Glasses for Girls
Girls face higher rates of vision impairment and unique barriers when accessing care. Your gift will provide one girl with a vision screening and pair of glasses that will change her education, her life, and the lives of her family. ​
Family Eye Exam
Sight is critical at every stage of life for learning, caregiving and working. Your gift will help a whole family obtain the vision care and glasses they need to succeed in sub-Saharan Africa.
Restore Sight with Cataract Surgery
More than half a million people in Tanzania are blind because of cataracts. Your gift will provide cataract surgery for one person so that they can see again and resume caregiving work in their families.
School Screening
80% of all early learning is visual. When children can’t see they miss out on learning opportunities and are more likely to drop out of school. Your gift will help us screen up to 25 students for vision impairment.
Train an Ophthalmic Technician
Ophthalmic technicians play a critical role in screening, treating, and managing eye disease. Your gift will provide continuing education for a technician who will be caring for eye care patients in Tanzania.
Equip Resident w/ Surgical Instruments
It is critical for surgeons to have state-of-the-art instruments and in sub-Saharan Africa they are not easy to come by. Your gift will provide a surgical tray for a resident to give them the instruments they will use for many years.
Wet Lab Surgical Training Course
A surgeon can perform thousands of surgeries in a lifetime. Imagine that you could improve their surgical techniques and outcomes. This gift will allow you to do just that by paying for a surgeon to participate in a wet lab surgical training course in Tanzania. ​
Screen a Village
Your gift will provide vision and eye health screening exams to an entire village, enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment of eye disease – an unparalleled impact on the community.

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